Floor and overhead cabinets – assembly and installation

$99 per cabinet.  Includes doors, drawers, fillers, end panels, kickboards, and handles

Cost applies to all cabinets regardless of size

Laminate and timber bench tops

$ 125 per section to cut and butt join. Includes cutouts for sink and cooktops. 

Modification of cabinets to fit around pipes and service ducts

No extra charge

Rangehood and Integrated Dishwasher

$99 to mount built in rangehood*

$149 to mount canopy rangehood*

$119 to fit door and install integrated dishwasher*

*does not include any electrical, plumbing or ducting work

Small Kitchen Jobs

$699 for any job smaller than 7 cabinets

Planning, Purchasing and Delivery Service


On site measuring and planning visit

Drawing of plans

Ordering, pick up and delivery of kitchen

$250 for purchasing and delivery service only

$250 for measuring and planning service only

All prices include GST

We now accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX

Surcharge of 1.75% + 30c for VISA and Mastercard.  2.9% +30c for AMEX

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